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BMW 550 of three turbos reaches the 435 HP thanks to G-Power

BMW M550d potenciado por G-Power

BMW 550 is the bet most powerful diesel and sport within the family series 5 of the German firm. Use the known three-liter diesel six-cylinder block, although it has resorted to a triple overfeeding in this variant to achieve a final power of nothing less than 381 HP, while the torque is 740 Nm, 60 Nm to the current M5. The less conspicuous figures for a diesel in a tourism engine. The energy is distributed between the four wheels through the system of traction xDrive.

For the most of them deadly, a saloon premium of almost 5 meters with 381 cv, change automatic, traction integral and a consumption half approved of 6.2 litres to them 100 km, will be a vehicle more than enough to devour kilometers in long travel. However, G-Power thinks that can have customers to which these benefits are you are short and, as already can imagine, have developed a put to more dynamic that squeezes the maximum potential of the six cylinders in line.

BMW M550d potenciado por G-Power

G-Power has made “yours” and has increased the power of the 3 litre tri – turbo to the 435 HP, increasing the power of stock thanks to electronic modificationmodel 54 cv. If torque seemed gigantic in the series variant, now appear a madness. And is that after passing through the maker workshop, the torque rises to 110 Nm, or what is the same, finally stands at the 850 Nm. These best performance of propeller should partially reduce the time of acceleration of the BMW 550. The model of series takes 4.7 from 0 to 100 and, even if the maker has not acted in this regard, it’s easy to think that you lower this figure, at least the 4.5 seconds.

To give an aesthetic touch more personal, G-Power offers a forged rims “Hurricane RR” with 20-inch on the front axle and 21 in the back available in three different finishes.

Source – G-Power

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