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BMW i8 2017: will come with more power and autonomy

The BMW i8, the hybrid sports Futurist of the German mark began its commercialization by the end of 2013, bringing with us 3 years. Since that time, it has failed beyond changes of some special editions in which aesthetics only modified. Makes already some months met the news that incorporated the urban BMW i3 after your update, which debuted few months before the BMW i8. Now rumors are focused on the sport.

All seems to indicate that its restyling not will bring ones large changes aesthetic, nor in the foreign or nor in the interior, although itself is likely that increase them options of equipment. But the most important change will come in the mechanical part. It hopes that this hybrid improve their dynamic performance with a more powerful response of the Powertrain at the same time that also extend their autonomy. These changes are expected to see in 2017.

According to is rumored (and is lee in BMWBlog), the BMW i8 will receive an improves in your motor thermal of gasoline 1.5 of three cylinders that sends its power to the axis back. This improvement would be 15 HP, so the power joint would happen 362-377 HP. Of this mode would be possible that the acceleration of 0 to 100, that in the version current is can cover in 4.4 seconds, will perform in any tenth of seconds less.

On the other hand, empowerment will arrive by the use of a set of higher-capacity batteries. Supposedly this improves would allow doubling the autonomy in the cycle of approval NEDC of the BMW i8 when circulates in mode electric, passing of 37 km approved to 74 km. Now is wait to see if BMW is decides to commercialize a BMW i8 Spyder as already is rumored makes some time, or while comes a Variant more benefits.

Source – BMWBlog

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