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BMW presented a prototype of its future dashboards

BMW cuadro de mando

The interior of a car is an element very important. When we approach to a car always we look how is topped (its quality of realization), if incorporates certain elements (climate control, screen touch…) or if their controls are well located. Ergonomics is a paragraph which brands of car care much since the conductor must be comfortable when handling these controls. In addition, its location must be very studied since a bad placement could cause some that another situation unpleasant for the driver.

In question of some years the vehicles have last of incorporate dashboards that seemed cut by the same pattern to be original and colorful. Them manufacturers are investing large amounts of money in its development and now that the new technologies (and screens touch) have arrived for stay is should care much more these details. Some brands, as Peugeot with its i-Cockpit, are marking the road that should carry them pictures of command of the cars of the future.

The signs of luxury Japanese, Acura, is led to the Auto Show of the angels your new Precision Cockpit Concept. With this box of controls the signs ahead how will be starting from now the interior of their models. In this case, following the trail marked by both manufacturers the following manufacturer that has presented how will be the picture of remote control of their cars is BMW. The signature of the propeller with its new Holo Active Touch wants to that forget them buttons and move on to move our hands facing cameras and sensors to run them actions that want carry to out.

Holo Active Touch is the latest evolution of the system of control gestural that already equipped with the current series 7 of BMW. With this system the driver can control various functions of the system of information and entertainment through movements of the hands. His operation is based in a camera located in the console central that can be configured to perform different actions and that even allows press buttons virtual.

Your presentation official from BMW will be in the year 2017 in the CES of the Vegas. Until can prove how works there will be that form us with this video and image to see how works.


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