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BMW series 1 Sedan, exclusively for China

BMW Serie 1 Sedán

The brand of the blades has presented its first sedan compact, the BMW series 1 Sedan, a version that only see in the market Chinese. And is that, the company German, has developed this model in exclusive to be sold in this region, an area in where this type of car has a high demand. Do you think that this alternative series 1 would have future in our market?

As we say, the BMW series 1 Sedan has been manufactured to sell is in Chinese and only in China. BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd. (BBA) has been responsible for developing this model, a compact sedan that took into account the tastes of the Chinese customers. In its development, this series 1 Sedan has been tested around the country, adapting it to what the customer requires Chinese.

BMW Concept Compact Sedán

BMW Concept Compact Sedan

This BMW series 1 Sedan was inspired by the prototype presented at the Guangzhou Motor Show held last year. We refer to the BMW Concept Compact Sedan, a concept that we liked, not as this series 1 Sedan. While still not have all them photos official, but to judge by the pictures not seems a product that had future in our market. His body, which at times seems to of a series 1 and others reminds a 3 series, doesn’t seem to have enough personality to conquer Europe.

It marks German still not has unveiled data key as its range mechanical. BMW series 1 Sedan is being presented these days in China and will begin marketing in brief. If you will come to our country, it would have the difficult task of confronting large products such as the classic Mercedes or Audi A3 Sedan. So at first glance, do you think that it would have any chance?

Source – BMW

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