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BMW series 5 2017, become more teasers of the new saloon

BMW Serie 5 2017 teaser

The BMW series 5 2017 is very close, only three days for its official launch. It will take place on October 13, but to see it live will have to wait to the Detroit show in January. But until that time continue seeing some teasers that us out some details of the new saloon German. Already have could know enough data of this models and one of its aspects more prominent will be the technology.

It released a semi-autonomous driving system, an advanced adaptive cruise control that through a series of cameras and radars will allow partially neglecting the driving. In the following video appears a small shows of this system, although still will have to wait to know more details. Other systems that will use the new 5 series is the BMW Connected App, which improves its connectivity.

Besides it previous, the BMW series 5 2017 also will integrate the Remote View 3D, a system that already have been able to see in the BMW series 7. With it we can know all what passes around the vehicle to view of bird, something interesting at the time of Park. Although thanks to an application mobile also it will be able see to distance, allowing even monitor the car. This is only a small shows of the technologies that will have the saloon.

As regards the section dynamic is expected that come improved thanks to the new platform HPLC (shared with the series 7). Thanks to her and to the use of lightweight materials such as aluminum, the new model will be up to 100 kg lighter than the current. There will be a wide range of engines so diesel as gasoline four- and six-cylinder, which will enable up to 10 variations. Details, in its official launch Thursday, October 13.


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