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Bombshell! Chris Evans is long from Top Gear

Top Gear
Already noticed it makes only a few days when I had that Matt LeBlanc, and part of the rest of the team, were not happy with the main host of the best known in the world of the motor, Top Gear. The program was not going well and the audience, who is the Chief Judge, reflected it, with very low data compared to the stage before Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond had closed a few months.

Matt LeBlanc (Joey for those who follow the series Friends for many years) reported an ultimatum to the directors of the BBC in which showed himself discontent with Chris Evans. It seems that the decision has already been made and Evans definitely leaves the program, as it has thus communicated through her profile on the social network Twitter.

“Give up to Top Gear.” I gave my best, but sometimes that isn’t enough. The team is more than brilliant and I wish you the best”

Do not know if has been Evans who has decided go are of the program or if directly the BBC it has dismissed of Top Gear. Perhaps an agreement between both parties. What is clear is that the situation should be unsustainable for the team and it was something that afternoon or early going aterminar happening. Not is very normal that to them few months of the home of the new project one of them protagonists present supposedly a ultimatum in the offices of the BBC being, also, backed by good part of the team to choose between them or the presenter main.

The program is going through one of their worst periods since its inception. Everything worked them pretty well until the day in which Jeremy Clarkson “rolled” to assaulting one of the helpers of the team. Remember also that the American Edition leaves the U.S. project after several seasons in antenna and Clarkson, May and Hammond have begun a new adventure at Amazon with a program called “The Grand Tour”.

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