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Borgward will build a factory in Bremen to start its activity


For those that not it know, it German Borgward came to be the third largest manufacturer of cars of your country. However the company broke in 1961 and spent to the forget, since them successors of Carl F.W. Borgward it left in stand by until we learned that would present a model in the Salon of Geneva of the last year. For the occasion, they carried a model that moves away from what brand manufactured in its day and is closer to current trends.

In the living room of Geneva presented the whole road BX7. This model joins the SUV fashion media premium and helps them to be placed in a market segment that encompasses many sales. As we can see the model, has features of design which resemble the model in which it is based, needless to say what, but the reborn company has been able to give a new touch that resembles more to what at the time was Borgward.


However, the news brings us to another part of the brand. These days the signature German, financed thanks to its partner Chinese SAIC, has communicated that built a factory in them surroundings of the city of Bremen. With this plant you are looking for start his career in the European market since the BX7 is selling in China since June of this year. Without however they want to have a factory in European to avoid soil costs bring models from China and also for its premium image is not affected by the origin of their models.


This plant will have a production capacity of about 10,000 units to the an initialor. However from its development is has thought in the flexibility since is intended to adapt their capacity productive to them needs of the market. Your extension will be about 10,000 square meters and will be located near companies suppliers such as Bosch or Mercedes-Benz.

Source – Borgward

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