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Bugatti Chiron could be “hybridizated” for a special edition of higher power

Bugatti Chiron

Bugatti surprised the world past 12 years with the release of which would become the fastest car in the world, the Bugatti Veyron. 1,000 HP car had a production of 450 units, which took nothing more and nothing less than 10 years in the market. Recently we have known to its successor, the Bugatti Chiron.

If not it remind, the Bugatti Chiron uses a motor branch of which rode in his day the Veyron. We speak of a propeller of 16 cylinders placed in the form of ‘W’, with 8 liters of displacement and four turbos. In the now discontinued Bugatti Veyron, incredible engine delivering a maximum power of 1,001 horsepower, while that in the current Chiron reaches 1,500 horses. Despite being a derivation, Bugatti designers have changed much the heart of the new model, keeping only 5% of the elements of the previous engine.

The French brand was not obliged to launch some special editions of the Veyron to sell all the units they had planned, since its sales pace was too slow. We don’t know if it was already within the firm plans marketed a special units of higher power or simply was to draw attention to creating a new attraction and thus “get rid” of many cars.

Bugatti Chiron

Be that as it may, Bugatti launched the Veyron Super Sport, which increased its power to 1,200 HP. Is for this reason that, despite that the Chiron sales are going very well under way (already reserved 200 500 units planned for production), emerging questions and doubts if the French firm would dare to throw some higher power units; a Bugatti Chiron Super Sport, perhaps.

Coach said to have conversed with Wolfgang Dürheimer, the head of the brand. Dürheimer, seems to be that not rule out the idea of an edition more benefits of the Chiron, though seems complicated. In any case, says that If so, they introduced an electric propeller (or several) in the Bugatti Chiron, it would not be to reduce the consumption of fuel from the hiperdeportivo, but to significantly increase performance.

On the one hand, this idea sounds pretty good, but on the other hand it sounds complicated; very complicated. Install a system full of propulsion electric not is simple and is need space within her own body of the car and a great investment in research and development. In addition, Bugatti Chiron already has a fairly high weight to round 2 tons, which would be increased if you introduce all electrical system.

Bugatti is not having trouble selling this model as if came up with its predecessor, the Veyron. Is likely that lance editions or units special, but we see difficult the fact of hybridize it.

Source – coach

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