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Bugatti Chiron to 380 km/h at Le Mans, faster than all the participants

If you like cars, although don’t pay you too much attention to the competition, you know that the past weekend was played one of the races known and most historic motor racing, 24 hours of Le Mans.

You’ve also heard that just 3 minutes from 24 hours, i.e. after 23 hours and fifty or so minutes of competition at full capacity, the Toyota vehicle that was practically already sipping cava died by a mechanical breakdown. The Porsche coming back several hundred meters ahead of it when it had already been stopped and cameras captured tears in the pits, the Toyota by rage and pain, both the Porsche by Joy. Porsche finally climbing to the top of the podium.

After this brief summary of the day, you should know that the vehicle managed to get a higher top speed in one of the long straights of the French path during that weekend were not neither the Toyota nor the Porsche competition; it was such a Bugatti Chiron.


Before the start of the competition, a Bugatti Chiron went on track for liking and that attendees see live and live the hiperdeportivo of 1,500 horses. At the controls of the Chiron was Wolfgang Dürheimer, the boss of the French brand owned by the Volkswagen Group.

In one of the long straights of Le Mans circuit, the successor of the Bugatti Veyron came to circulate at a speed of 380 km/h, faster than any of the participants of all the categories which competed for the glory from Saturday at 3 in the afternoon until Sunday at the same time.

In any case, the Bugatti Chiron approves a speed tip of 420 km/h. Perhaps, if the path of the old days where there were no the chicanes installed in the historic long straight several years ago, had failed to bring much more to the approved data. Anyway, with having passed the speed point reached by the participants will be quite satisfied within the brand.

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