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Cadillac last its product offensive: 8 new models in 4 years

Cadillac Escala Concept

With the exit of General Motors Europe is accelerating plans that they had in the American conglomerate for Cadillac. Its mainstay in the automobile sector will focus on offer best products in their premium firms, to improve unit performance and get greater benefits. Therefore the directors of the Consortium are finalizing the details of what will be the offensive’s biggest product that has made the signature of the coat of arms.

Cadillac has traditionally been a brand that has taken its time to launch to the market new models. However, according to they have stated those responsible of the firm, in a period of only four years will come eight models to its range. These eight models half are SUVS or Crossovers since represent the present and immediate benefit in the automobile sector. The other models will be distributed among sedans and some other niche like sports car.

Cadillac XT5, todos los detalles del SUV norteamericano

Johan de Nysschen, President of Cadillac, has commented that one of the models that will come to market in this offensive will be a sedan smaller than ATS. The rivals that will struggle will be the Audi A3 Sedan, BMW 1 series and Mercedes-Benz Classic. In addition, the scale concept will have his reply as model series, as if Cadillac wants to be a signature credible premium should have a model halo in its range.

The model that will feature his generational and fixed in this offensive is the Escaladehollow. The big brand SUV will be renewed completely to keep fighting against rivals that will come you from Europe. Cadillac has decided that it will maintain its current architecture based on a body on a ladder chassis; However, in the future it will have a multi-link rear suspension. Also, to make the most interesting model, you could have a special version V Series with a V8 block.

We will be attentive to products that Cadillac go presenting, so it could be that the firm decided to return to Europe to give the “Tres Marias” war. Everything might be, who knows.

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