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Care, Lotus could end up in the hands of the Geely of china

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Lotus Cars is one of the brands most emblematic cars for car lovers. For some time his luck (both good and bad) it is tied to the evolution of DRB-Hicom, its parent company. This Malaysian-based company, also owns the Proton and the latest information that have come upon it their economic situation is not the best for a while here.

This we have seen in the difficulty having DRB-Hicom to inject money in Lotus. The range of the manufacturer is not the most modern and competitive market and more when it has a catalogue consisting of only four models and two special versions. However, now things could change since that seems that it went a new boyfriend to the British sports firm.

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According to we could know, Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, best known by Geely would be interested in doing is with Lotus Cars. China brand, which already owns the Swedish firm Volvo, would like to do with the majority of the capital of Lotus and thus direct access to the exclusive sports market. However, Geely would not only take advantage of this situation, but it might get a very valuable know-how in terms of engineering.

The capital that would be willing to buy of Lotus Cars it would amount to 51 percent. This percentage Geely ensures control and access to Lotus and DRB-Hicom technology could keep part of the shareholders of the firm. However, agreements to this end is difficult to foresee because there could be disagreement between the price to pay for the brand.

She is definitely closed the sale, DRB-Hicom would be fulfilling his word before the Government of Malaysia. The reason is that Malaysian conglomerate requested financial assistance to the Government of your country and this is provided under the condition of seeking new business partners to improve its synergies. It remains to be seen if it is finally Geely which left with Lotus or if on the contrary another rival brand that improves its offer comes out.

Source – Reuters

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