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Chevrolet Camaro Track Concept announced with this suggestive teaser

Chevrolet Camaro Track Concept

By the information of the last few days and today’s important news that we announced the sale of all brand Opel, owned by General Motors, to the PSA group, it seems clear that the American manufacturer has tired of investing and losing money in Europe. However, General Motors has not said its last word on the old continent, and now shows us, through brand Chevrolet, a teaser of the Chevrolet Camaro Track Concept.

This model will be unveiled in full tomorrow itself in the ever-important Geneva Motor. Header image not sample the vehicle to the full, single corner right front of the same, but us is enough to appreciate some important details that let us superior sportsmanship in this release on a “normal” Chevrolet Camaro.

Chevrolet Camaro 2016

For example, we see that bumper is more aggressive, with a new main air intake, for ventilation ducts where in the model of that drift are the fog, five spoked rims double painted black hosting Red Brembo brake callipers, height of lowered body and aerodynamic kit very marked both on the underside of the bumper as on the side of the side skirts. But what most draws attention, undoubtedly, is the green “Hulk” used in the bodywork of the Chevrolet Camaro Track Concept.

Until tomorrow we may not know all the details or have full images of this muscle car, but we can imagine that the aggressive and aerodynamic details will not be only in the front right corner of the model. Body kit will also be present at the rear of the body and not forget details more sports focused on driving circuit in the cockpit. There is also a improvement in the performance of its V8 engine.

Now we wonder… is the Chevrolet Camaro who maintain active the name of General Motors in Europe? We will wait to see what tell us tomorrow.

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