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Chip Ganassi wants to Fernando Alonso in the Indy

Chip Ganassi

Chip Ganassi is one of the greatest authorities of engine in the United States, owner of NASCAR and indicating equipment. The visit of Fernando Alonso at the NASCAR (in the quote from Pocono) as guest of honor, has raised controversy or rather interest by the Spanish driver. Alonso made a returned from Dubai-New York, taking advantage of the break between the Monaco GP and the GP of Canada, coming closer to the territory where the coming week has to run.

This visit and the interest shown by Fenando Alonso continue beyond his era competing in F1 have done some looks of this world are fixed on the pilot. You know that Alonso has been very enthusiastic about the 24 hours of Le Mans and the Indy, where at the Oviedo you would like to arrive once retired from Formula 1 and win there. 34-year-old Alonso is kept in shape and is still the most coveted pilot therein of the motorsport.

Alonso abandonado

Chip Ganassi has been that has raised the voice in favor of bringing Fernando to the U.S. to fulfil his dream of winning the Indy 500. Chip has been very willing to talk to Alonso to run with them the 500 miles of Indianapolis. So has secured it in a statement via his Twitter account, to which a user replied “go Chip, make it possible“. Chip has specifically said “send you my email account, my phone and my Twitter and we get!” in reference to the interest of Alonso in this competition.

In addition to this statement, Ganassi added a hashtag that makes it clear that he would not hesitate if Alonso asked him a hole in his team: “I like the champions“. Now the question of whether this visit, Ganassi has been able to maintain contact with Fernando Alonso for a future, but the truth is out the F1 you won’t have problem to find site. Surely not only Ganassi would like it on your computer, sure that neither would have problem in having a steering wheel at Le Mans… I wish come true and win in F1, Indy and Le Mans! It would be a good bookend to his career.

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