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Cloud Sport the Spanish company that aims to bring the competition to the simulators

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Cloud SPort is a company with headquarters in Spain you may know. Founded in 2015, and with just a year’s legacy, he is already giving much to talk about in the world of technology professional simulation. Them simulators of racing is have transformed in a tool advanced and indispensable for the current categories of the engine, not only for the Formula 1.

There are some video games or simulators more pro with which we can make our first steps and compete as if we were professional pilots. If you give a ride safe online you will find even Web sites where are competitions between some groups of some games like rFactor or F1 Code Masters officials, among others. Other people that is it can allow opt for simulators something more advanced and expensive…

simulador de carreras

You already know that some video games such as Grand Turismo for Play Station has been a source of some pilots passed directly from digital entertainment to have a real steering wheel between your hands and begin as professional pilots in equipment such as Nissan. I.e., these games or simulators like real fields of testing are used to discover new talent.

Now Cloud Sport wants to go a step further and along with the Royal Spanish Federation of Motorsport will make the simracing “other category” where to compete. The RFEdeA shall make available these contests of Royal Commissioners who will face-off for the 50 min of career in Road to Vegas, a product of this company licensed Formula E, now also in the hands of Liberty Media. The award? A bag of 1 million of dollars to distribute…

Post Award
1st $200.000
2nd $ 100,000
3rd $ 50,000
4. $ 42,500
5th $35,000
6th $ 32,500
7 ° $30,000
8. $ 27,000
9th $25,000
10th $ 22,000
11 ° $ 20,000
Pole Position 25,000 +
Fastest lap 10,000 +

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