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Come more variants RS to the range Skoda?

Octavia RS 4X4 2
The Skoda range is not currently characterized by a wide variety of sporty models, in fact, the only version with a hint of sportiness is the RS of the Skoda Octavia, the average brand saloon.

Despite being their only model with surname RS acceptance by the public is pretty good, since it has an output of 220 horsepower in its variant of petrol and 184 in the diesel, keeping virtually all the comfort of the more traditional versions, as well as its habitability and load capacity. There is also the Octavia RS 230, which was launched a few years ago being something more exclusive but with a difference of only 10 horsepower and the limited-slip differential commanded electronically.

Now, and according to the average AutoExpress, Skoda leaders might be considering extending RS variants in other models of the brand. However, and contrary to what one might think, Skoda, Bernhard Maier, CEO practically it excluded a Skoda Fabia RS. The Czech brand, says Maier, it cost to create a high public interest in this model and get out of the investment.

Maier stated that “larger size models have potential to have RS versions. We can do it, but first we need to establish a business model”.


Therefore, and according to statements by the CEO of the trademark belonging to VAG, we could guess that Skoda arises and is studying the introduction of a version in the Skoda Superb. In the current Superb range, the most powerful variant is the 2-liter 280 HP traction 4 × 4. Give a plus of distinction, in addition to new aesthetic details that boost the sportsmanship of the Czech flagship, would require more power. Volkswagen uses the same block but with 300 horses in the Volkswagen Golf R (which is also integral traction), which, in theory, would have much of the work done, although the difference of power would be slight.

And what more models could reach RS variants? Bernhard Maier spoke of models, in plural, so mark could shuffle another vehicle with the initials RS. At this time, which is no longer as rare to see SUVs with aesthetic and sport tune-up, it would not be strange that the future Skoda Kodiaq also receives its point RS.

We will wait expectantly as develops this theme of “low cost” of the Volkswagen Group brand, although it will take time until mark makes the final decision and confirm it publicly.

Via | AutoExpress

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