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Complicate Ford things in Mexico by possible boycotts

Boicot a Ford

The dirty war opened up by Donald Trump to leading companies of the world auto sector will bring tail, that’s for sure. Ford will be the injured first with all this history and if the Mexicans so inclined may lose a handful of sales in one of its main markets. We already know that the firm has cancelled the construction of its new plant in the country and therefore the investment of 1,600 million dollars will not reach the State in any way.

Thousands of jobs (direct and indirect) that were going to create will never take effect and the economy of the region will continue as usual. However, it seems that the first Spears against this decision are starting to stand up and have address to the signing of the blue oval. The politician and figure of the ruling party, the PRI, Manlio Fabio Beltrones Rivera, has started a campaign against the American firm.

Prueba Ford Focus ST

This member of the PRI has hung in its networks the image that opens this post. In it, clearly, are you encouraged the Mexican to that do not buy more Ford vehicles already that the mark has given them back as a country to manufacture their cars there. The image, which has become viral very quickly in networks promotes the “eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth” but may cause one rift with mark.

Certain is that Ford has communicated that their plans in the country not van to change, but the confidence that the customer Mexican had in it is has broken and therefore is feel hurt as country. This whole situation can end very badly since the cooperation between Mexico and the United States goes back many years and the companies should not allow that the ideas of the rulers do not influence their decisions strategic customer is charge and this does make that a company is going to pique.

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