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Confirmed: Renault Kwid finally will not come to Europe

Renault KWID

The Renault Kwid is a product designed and intended for emerging countries. Its main markets are the India and Latin America, however in Renault had thought that you could throw in other Western markets under the name Dacia. The problem is that GlobalNCAP carried out crash tests relevant to this small utility and is it uncovered its lack of security and protection to its occupants.

After this situation model has had to improve its provision of standard equipment including airbags and ABS. In addition, they have had to include new reinforcements in its chassis and bodywork to improve results in crash tests. After having made these changes your security has increased somewhat, but the Kwid cannot deny his humble roots.

Renault KWID

This lack of security has failed to become a real bestseller in the India. So far year already have been sold more than 100,000 units and that yet not been on sale in markets of South America. His arrival to these markets is planned for beginning of the year that comes and to cover it demand already is is manufacturing in the plant that has the signature in Brazil.

Where it appears that it will not come however is to Europe. According to François Mariotte, director of sales and marketing of Dacia, the Kwid will not be sold in the European markets under the Renault name nor under the Dacia. The reasons given by the Executive are based on high modifications that would have to carry out to the platform from the car to overcome crash tests.

This would raise the cost of the vehicle and therefore the final retail price. Therefore, according to Mariotte, the Kwid will not see European lands beyond that have been photographed in France but in a future if they could let see a very redesigned variant of this same low the logo Dacia. Wait what are the movements of the French firm.

Source – Renault

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