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Confirmed, there will be a familiar Alfa Romeo Giulia

Much has spoken recently of Alfa Romeo. The Italian Premium brand wants to completely change his philosophy of recent years and return to its origins. For this purpose it is investing a large sum of money and the first model of this resurgence of the firm is the Alfa Romeo Giulia. A sedan that does not seek to offer a great versatility and interior space, but sportiness, design and care for details.

The Giulia is liking, although three rival hard to peel from Germany. Practically since the launch of the new sedan has been much said about the possible arrival of a familial variant. We had rumors of all kinds, including alleged leaked images that turned out to be false, but everything seems to indicate, by words of senior members of the brand, as will not see an Alfa Romeo Giulia family.

Alfa Romeo Stelvio

Since the brand would have liked to see a Variant family of his sedan to compete against losAudi A4 Avant, Mercedes-Benz class C Estate and BMW series 3 Touring, but think that you don’t have too much sense since it is expected a great acceptance by the imminent Alfa Romeo Stelvio, the new model SUV in the brand that, like the Giulia had his first appearance with the sporty version Quadrifoglio. Justified saying that the Stelvio could capture all the customers who seek the familiar Giulia.

Alfa Romeo investment is very high, having planned the launch of 8 models, also counting the Giulia and the Stelvio, until the year 2020. Economic data, said the own Sergio Marchionne, 5,000 million euros. The production target was “powerful enough”, aiming to quadruple the volume of 400,000 units which had up to now. Let us hope that the Italian brand “la jugada” goes well and manage to attract customers necessary to certify the relaunch of the firm.

Source – Car Magazine

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