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Curiosity: Über and Tostitos create a few snacks with built-in breathalyzer

Uber Taxi

Alcohol and driving are two completely antagonistic elements and if are mixed they may end up badly. Many times have not left party out there and for fear of the damn fine can take you a drink? However the problem not is in the recipe and them points of the license, but in that If have an accident can lose it life in it, and if I even can do that people innocent lose it yours.

New generations are aware of the problems that can arise from mixing alcohol with driving a car, but seems that until you do not live in their flesh an accident do not realize the reality. This phrase is not to say that all young people drink and drive (or much less is my intention) but they are more sensitive to “Have another drink what you will spend?” or “Uncle for once sales don’t be a pestiño”.

However seems that the wit is more skillful of what thought and of he arise great inventions e initiatives that can help to change a situation. Über and Tostitos (marks American of snacks and appetizers) have United their forces to create ones snacks that incorporate in his bag a breathalyzer. The person in question simply blowing in the upper part of the bag and it will show you graphically (in red or green) if it is able to lead.

In addition, not only comes with a breathalyzer, but Uber (that’s where comes the American firm of transport of people) you have included a QR code that can order a vehicle to take us home. This union which in principle could be very positive for Uber is more to society, since if this action prevents hundreds of accidents worth a company to enrich themselves at our expense.

The problem that exists, is that by now open this bag of snacks will not be available for sale . According to have informed both signatures, the first step will come by the incorporation of those codes QR of über in the bags. In a second phase, when the sensor of the breathalyzer is perfected, it will be to locate it in bags.

Is as is, an initiative worthy of applause. For us and for everyone.

Source – über – Tostitos

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