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Dacia Logan MCV Stepway, four Stepway in the Dacia range

Dacia Logan MCV Stepway

If any car brand has been benefited by the fateful economic crisis which is shaking us both time has been Dacia. Although it sounds strange and contradictory, the Romanian brand landed in our market at the beginning of the new century with a few economical products which made many customers to opt for any of their models in the last ten years. Now Dacia is tweaking and improving their products with the aim of keeping them up to date.

Several of its models have a version more adventurous, aesthetically speaking, such as the Dacia Sandero Stepway, Lodgy Stepway and Dokker Stepway. Now add the New Logan MCV Stepway, the variant family of Romanian sedan. As we see in the different images, wins much packaging with respect to their predecessors of a few years, with a design quite sexier and more care than previous occasions details.

Dacia Logan MCV Stepway

In this way we are mainly with new headlights and lights drivers, updated bumper, redesigned Grill and some changes in the cockpit; In addition to the elements that tend to add versions Stepway as underbody protections for the bodywork. Dacia Logan MCV Stepway also benefits from a height to 50 mm top soil, which will partially improve its capabilities when it comes to roll off the road. In any case, it is still not a vehicle off-road.

If something you can boast about especially the Logan MCV Steptway (also the Logan MCV “normal”) we offer a huge trunk, far superior to the majority of passenger cars of similar exterior dimensions. Dacia approves anything less than 573 liters and, since brand, reaffirm us that is the largest volume among its competition.

Gama Dacia Stepway

This car will be presented on 7 March at the Geneva Motor Show, but it will not be only. At the stand of the brand will join him the new “globetrotting” series which will be available in the range Stepway, i.e. in the Sandero, Dokker Lodgy and the actor Logan MCV that carry the surname Stepway.

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