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Dacia will reveal the upgrade of much of its range in Paris

Novedades de Dacia en el Salón de París

Dacia is a trademark of Romanian origin who partnered with Renault already several years ago and that, as a result, expanded Europe. Its main asset is a company with very economical products which, although they are not at the height of the generalist brands by quality, bring with them almost everything that a driver might need. The economic crisis hitting us for several years and the redesign of its products, which is already not so difficult to see, san prompted Dacia towards the highest sales positions.

Today is located with a range of models that need a update. They have lagged quite behind, both aesthetic and technological. Even so, in what carry of year (until the last day of August) the brand carries enrolled almost 32,000 units, that pose a growth of the 4% respect to the same period of time of 2015.

To enhance more their products and not stay is in the forget, it marks Romanian will present, in the Salon of the car of Paris, several news that will affect to four of their models: Sandero, Sandero Stepway, Logan and Logan MCV. Dacia declares in its note of press that “have been redesigned in depth to respond to the expectations of the customers”. Unfortunately, it has not given many details and reserves virtually all information until 29 September when was presented at the Paris meeting.

They have simply left us an image in which we can see the new front of the four models that will receive the update at end of month. Changes that, at a glance, we can identify arrive in the hands of a few new grills front with four rectangular shapes inside that enhance the robustness of the models. Also find changes in the lighting, with technology LED to the light daytime and a division of each focus more marked.

The brand says that in the inside also there will be modifications with new equipment, upholstery, hollow slides and a greater ergonomics. According to say, there will be notable changes in the part rear. In any case, not we can move much more until the brand provide all the details and images that correspond.

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