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DGT designates the 300 most dangerous stretches of roads in Spain


These days the DGT (Dirección General de tráfico) has carried out a campaign to educate drivers about the enforcement of speed limits. With this campaign, the DGT wants to inform to them drivers of that circular to a speed appropriate could lower in a fourth part them dead by accident of traffic.

With this campaign, signaling major black spots that exist in the network of State Highwayswill take place also. The sections or black spots that are marked, you will have more control, speed and police presence or Guardia Civil. To these sections, the DGT has named them as INVIVE, an acronym for intensification of the monitoring of the speed, so it will have to be specially supervised.

DGT. Punto negro

According to the list provided by the DGT, the largest number of black spots are located in the provinces of Badajoz, Toledo, Soria and Zaragoza. These black spots total 8.707 kilometers of roads, divided among State-owned roads, regional and County (except for motorways and dual carriageways). To put them in the crosshairs, the DGT has studied the increase of accidents and mortality associated with speeding.

The province worst leaving stop is Badajoz with a total of 26 black spots. These represent more than 820 kilometers of the Extremadura road. Toledo has 16 points INVIVE totaling 232 km. The third in the podium is Soria, with 453,38 kilometers of way black, adding 15 sections and Zaragoza has with 389,86 kilometers, which represent 14 sections hazardous.

On the opposite side are Almeria with 5.25 km and a single black spot, A Coruña and Ourense with 14,81 and 20,27 kilometers of roads INVIVE respectively. To this list must be added the lack of data from Catalonia and Basque country, traffic monitoring and skills associated with it are transferred to these communities.

We must bear in mind that the black points of the road network in Spain does not come again. The network is designed to marches forced to provide of roads to a country that was advancing to steps fast and many of these pathways is have updated of bad way. If we add to that the fall of investment in public works to fix the problems posed by our roads are doing to fall back to times that we had forgotten.

Please General Directorate of traffic speed is not the only problem that influences mortality from traffic accidents, therefore also should study them and strive to tackle them.

Source-DGT (direction General for traffic)

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