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Discover what it’s like to drive a Tesla Model X in this video of the Goodwood Festival

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Tesla does not passes through its best moment, at least with respect to their systems of autonomous driving, after the deadly accident that cost the life of an owner of a Tesla Model S. But, although tragic, it’s an accident that still has to investigate and see what steps will be necessary to avoid a similar one in the future. However, their electric models continue to provide stunning surprises in the events in which they participate. The Model X, the SUV with wings of butterfly that has arisen from the company specialized in vehicles with zero emissions.

The video that we have at the end of this article shows the behavior of one of these cars, the Model X, which was submitted to the Goodwood Festival of speed. This is an event British that usually put end to the month of June and that us gives many joys during several days, with the models spectacular that us shows and these curious videos that allow feel the force and power of these cars from the inside.


The camera is located behind the front seats. In this way, it offers an excellent view of the panoramic windshield mounted on the front. It’s the version P90D, the highest in the range. This model includes the Ludicrous speed mode, which allows that the power rated 463 CV to 532 HP, allowing it reach an acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.2 seconds.

With these figures, the electric car gets to overcome the power and speed of the BMW M5 and the Lexus LFAperformance even. A car that completely breaks the myths about electric vehicles. And it is not the only Tesla who participated in an event these days, since a slightly modified version of the Model S took part in the ascent of Pikes Peak. Tesla car broke the record for electric vehicles when it rose by 20 km circuit with 156 curves in only 11 minutes and 48 seconds. See the video and feel what must be driving this spectacular electric car on a special track.

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