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Do you also have doubts of how you pronounce “Porsche”? Here the solution, in video

Porsche 911 Carrera RS NGT a subasta

Not fit the less doubt of that Porsche is an of them signatures plates more famous, recognized and successful of the world. With headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany, the first model of this brand came under the denomination Porsche 356, to end of them years 40. It was a convertible two-seater with a beautiful body. This would be the start of a long list of models luxury and sports that believe school, mainly, thanks to the arrival of the Porsche 911 in the years 60.

No doubt the 911 is the model more known of the brand in all the world. Indeed, any of us could recognize easily its silhouette to several meters of distance, is concerned of the generation that is concerned. Our subject pending, in what to the brand of Ferdinand Porsche is concerned, perhaps is another, the protagonist of this article. Thinks in voice high and pronounce “Porsche”. Not have clear if it has pronounced well? Dale to the play and get out of doubt.

At least in Spain, we normally hear people to pronounce the name of this legendary brand directly as “porch“, although also the most “cool” (i.e. not snobs) pronounced it as “Porsh”, giving them ready and fine. Seems to be that not is only problem our, of them Spanish, and that his name is pronounced wrong in good part of the balloon. The own signature, tired of listen as the people says wrong his name, has decided to launch this video to YouTube with the pronunciation real.

Was about your form of say it to the way real? Is simply a curiosity, but it certain is that is ironic that a brand as dream in the world of the car have that recourse to a video pronouncing us several times and slowly its name. Much I fear that, both in bars, as in circuits, as in a food family with your brother-in-law, Porsche will continue to hearing as “porch”.

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