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DS E-Tense is a little closer to their production

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During the last show of Geneva 2016, the new signing of the PSA group presented a prototype to take into account. We refer to the E-Tense DS Concept. A sporty electric two-seater and futuristic design with very aggressive lines. Its dimensions are typical of a supercar, with 4.72 meters long, a little more than 2 meters wide and one very contained only 1.26 meters height.

This prototype not only sold us image of sport for the future, but it has a quite remarkable performance. As said recourse to a system of propulsion power. This develops a maximum power of 402 HP, while its torque climbs to the 516 Nm. All this you allow pass of 0 to 100 km / h in 4.5 seconds and reach a speed tip of 250 km / h.

DS E-Tense Concept

Meanwhile, approves a range of 310 kilometers in mixed-use, which grows up to 360 kilometres in urban driving States mark. Perhaps its worst quality is the weight, which is estimated at 1,800 pounds, although its frame is monocoque and is made of carbon fiber. The configuration seems to be purely sporting, double triangle suspensions and tires on 20-inch low profile tires. Inside, as you can see in the picture, also is very futuristic and radical.

It is difficult that a model should thus reach production, at least in the short term, but according to our colleagues from coach mark would have recently recorded the name E-Tense in a patent office, which invites us to dream of someday see a model such as this (or a similar product) through the streets. In fact, wouldn’t be the first time since DS “has walked it” by some other European city, including Madrid, to assess the reactions of people. Anyway, this patent registration not confirmed his future arrival on the market.

DS E-Tense Concept

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