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DS will be the first brand of PSA to receive autonomous driving

DS 7 Crossback

Signature premium of the PSA group, DS, was to present a new model was not news. What Yes was new is the surprise that has given us when he made public The SUV 7 Crossback. All medium road of the French House has come with such arguments more than one rival seated premium would have to lie down to shake. All slash to high level finishes, technology, engines and customization possibilities.

It is in the technology section is where the PSA group was staying one step behind. The reason is that the premium segment is very hard and DS was employing the technical basis of the Citroen from a few years ago. However, with the new 7 Crossback solved at a stroke. Technological elements such as a suspension that reads the road or a new system that will allow you to fully entering the world of autonomous driving are some technologies that differentiate you.

DS 7 Crossback

The PES Group has confirmed that will be DS which debuts all technological systems aimed at autonomous driving. According to Marguerite hübsch, spokesman for PSA, when you sign the premium has released this technology, the Peugeot and Citroen brands will receive it (Opel not mentioned anything). Therefore, we will witness a technological growth inside of the Gallic groupmore general ranges.

The first level of autonomous driving that will work will be 2, which now incorporates the DS 7 Crossback. However, they are already working so that by the year 2020 they can enter level 3. Why not do it before, according to the French group, is because it is forbidden in Europe and as soon you can not take that technology to road. By now they have authorization to perform tests on roads open to traffic for 5 autonomous vehicles, but before this should sharpen more technology.

For they are working with partners such as Bosch, Valeo, ZF, TRW and Safran. In addition, also have joined several research groups and start up of French universities, because they provide a high technical knowledge on the subject.

As soon there isn’t an exact date for the commercial arrival of the autonomous driving 100 percent to the DS range. The beginning of this technology will arrive with the DS 7 Crossback, but they must still pass several years so that we will see a drive from fully autonomous group PSA on highways.

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