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Emission FCA are already being investigated by the U.S. Justice

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When it exploded the case of emissions of the Volkswagen Group in the United States began a game of small children. At that moment all the firms (with the own Volkswagen head) began to point the accusing finger traps and fallacies to fool with emissions from their cars.

Both discussed and both removed the theme, that half the world authorities have been investigating what they have been doing the firms in their territories. We have Volkswagen up to the neck in the United States and Europe. Nissan is being investigated in South Korea. Renault and PSA group in France. And as an example of what can happen, Mitsubishi was caught and I just overpowered by its partner Nissan.

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Among them there is to talk about American Italian group Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA). Since it broke out scandal accused her of the same managers of the Volkswagen Group and it seems that they have managed to lend a bit of manure on the signature Sergio Marchionne runs. Apparently, the environment protection agency of the United States detected that FCA was using a tramp software(or defeat device) in the mechanics of their 2500 RAM and Jeep Grand Cherokee.

As well, a time that the environment protection agency carried out investigations that has been estimated should, it has decided to transfer the case to the judiciary of the United States. The Department of Justice in the country is analyzing evidence or evidence that “could” be against FCA and now would have requested the collaboration and documentation to the italo-American group.

The FCA group, apparently, it has already delivered information about their activities in order to clarify the matter. For now, FCA has confirmed that he has received a number of appointments and consultations of various government authorities, including the Justice Department, the SEC and the prosecutors who work on behalf of individual States. In addition, also has made clear that it will collaborate in whatever way is necessary to resolve this misunderstanding in the best possible way for all parties.

It remains to be seen if the authorities of the country to determine their guilt or innocence. Be sentenced the ACF group could receive a fine of up to $ 4.6 billion.

Source – The New York Times

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