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Emov arrives to Madrid, the vision of PSA from the Car Sharing in Spain

Emov Peugeot Ion

Mobility in cities is changing and the car brands must adapt to this situation. The congestion that has traffic from these cities are doing that many of them are are considering close their centers to cars according to their age and type of fuel. In addition you must also take into account another element and is that young people increasingly are less willing to make an investment in a car since its purchasing power does not allow it, and because they do not consider it appropriate.

A way of solving this problem was born of the hand of the Car Sharing. The rent by hours of vehicles in large cities it is succeeding and completely changes the car level in these cities. In Spain is running Car2Go (subsidiary of the Group Daimler AG-Mercedes-Benz) and it is doing with a success that has exceeded the estimates that had made the company.

Emov Peugeot Ion

Fruit of this success is that has made the PSA group is launched to this plot of business with its own brand. Emov follows the same pattern that Car2Go to offer vehicles for rent by hours but instead of using the electric Smart that uses the first used his Peugeot Ion. Of this way can offer vehicles for rent by hours to a price very economic to the same time that can enter in the center of the large cities to the not contaminate anything.

Emov front Car2Go will offer a better indoor capacity since Peugeot Ion is approved for four people in front of the two of the Smart that uses competition, besides the versatility that offers driver through its five doors. All this will come accompanied by some times of reloading that are a little more low that which offers the small model of Mercedes-Benz.

The first place in which will be present will be Madrid and although the Group Gallic still not has offered dates accurate not should take much in set is. Confirmed what is missing will also conditions and fees to use this service as well as parts of the city where you may pick up.

Source – Emov – PSA

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