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Euro NCAP celebrated its 20th anniversary with a final test

Sure that all here present you ever heard them of the Euro NCAP tests or have seen one or another video of these shocks premeditated in a testing center. These tests are used to evaluate the different models of the European market in terms of safety is concerned, something that, fortunately, we can not evaluate in our routine tests. But these tests were not born with the arrival of the first car, but “only” 20 years ago.

According to point themselves, from their arrival to our days these tests they have managed to save the lives of 78,000 people, which would. At its birth, back in 1997, did see the society to the best selling models were not too safe, something corroborated with images and videos of the tests of shock which made. In the video that we leave then we can see a passive real security evolution , comparing a car of 1997 with another of 2017 and similar sizes (Rover 100 and Honda Jazz).

This short by less than a minute suffice us to check developments in passive safety of our cars in just two decades. In 1997, Euro NCAP evaluated seven of the best selling models of the time. With a maximum of 4 stars, just two came to achieve 3 stars (Ford Fiesta and Volkswagen Polo), four models were left with 2 stars (Fiat Punto, Opel Corsa, Nissan Micra and Renault Clio) and 1 single (Rover 100) Star one. None of them came to get the highest 4-star rating.

In the video we have seen as the small Rover was completely wrinkled rearloader shock test. The pillars may be sensitive to the force of the impact, the windshields are thrown, as well as the driver’s door, and steering wheel practically just in rear seats being completely useless its airbag. In the case of the Honda Jazz, have been awarded a 5 star rating, you pillars resist without problems the shock, not doors, windshield stays in place and different air bags perform their function as they should.

Prueba sistemas detección peatones EuroNCAP

The different manufacturers said, in those times, which were a test so demanding that it was impossible that any car ever to achieve the maximum score (4-star), showing their opposition to these tests and questioning how realistic that could be compared to a real accident. A few months later Euro NCAP evaluated the Volvo S40, which would be the first model to reach the highest score of the season.

Today, all manufacturers rely on evidence and strive to reach the highest level of security, though tests and assessments they are overcoming and each time is more complicated to reach 5 stars. Already not only evaluates the protection adult occupants, but it also are considered children, abuses to pedestrians or active safety to avoid accidents or to minimize the damage.

From here we can only say one thing: thanks to both improve our security.

Source – Euro NCAP

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