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EuroNCAP examines the Subaru Levorg, Toyota Hilux, Kia Niro and Renault Scenic


Euro NCAP has been doing crash tests on the latest models launched on the market. In this case the shift to hybrid Kia Niro, the compact MPV Renault Scénic, the family Subaru Levorg and the Toyota Hiluxpick-up has touched them. The results obtained by them, as last mind us have accustomed their marks, have been very good, since have reached the five star without exception any.

However, although all the results have been very good, scores divided by the independent body have not been the same, so that each model has a different score. As we can see, the stars de Kia Niro and Toyota Hilux vary according to whether they ride series safety equipment or opt to extend the equipment by using some specific package.

EuroNCAP Niro

In first place we have to the Kia Niro. The new hybrid Compact of the signature Korean has achieved a score unfolded in four or five star. If the Niro mounted the equipment of security of the finished more basic, them scores obtained in protection to passengers and driver is kept very similar, however, the difference substantial is found in them paragraphs of protection to the pedestrian and aid to it driving. This is so because as equipment basic not equipped with certain aid to the driving as active city brake or another type of aid.

EuroNCAP Scenic

The second model tested has been the new Renault Scenic. The minivan French obtained directly the five star. However, although the obtained, must mention that the scores obtained in protection to the pedestrian and aid to it driving are relatively low. However, manages to save them furniture because the offers of series from the finished more low, and therefore not need of a double measurement of its safety.

EuroNCAP Levorg

The third model to pass by the EuroNCAP test was the family of Subaru, the new Levorg. Subaru has obtained the best score in the four vehicles tested and reinforces the idea that the Japanese manufacturer factory safety and reliable vehicles. To the obtaining of its five star is une that has exceeded in all them tests to their fellow of examination by what is converts in the revelation of this batch of tests.

EuroNCAP Hilux

Finally, the Toyota Hilux has closed this round of tests. As has happened with the Niro of Kia, Toyota has decided make the double test of security. The first has been done with a unit with the basic standard equipment and the second with all attendees of security and aid to driving that can be mounted to the vehicle.

We have to say that both in one situation like other results have been very satisfactory, because it has demonstrated that the pick ups are not dangerous per I know. In the first test has achieved get three star achieving a score in the paragraph of assists to the driving very low. However, in the second test he has managed to get five stars, substantially improving the results of the first and rising as a safe vehicle.


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