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F1-2016: the video game from Codemasters comes to Android

F1 2016

Behind were those times in which EA created this fantastic video game of simulation of Formula 1. Now the FOM to create rights Codemasters has the game and some of the first titles left much that wish, noticing an excess of precipitation and a tremendous lack of optimization, but that gradually corrected and they have improved a lot.

Now Codemasters has released its titles F1 2016 for various platforms, and we are pleased to announce that also has arrived to devices mobile. So starting from now not only can enjoy of the title on consoles and PC, also with Android to carry it to your smartphone and tablet. You can get it by a price of 9,99€ in the store of app Google Play Store.

A reasonable price with which you can enjoy your game there where to take your mobile device. In addition, already know that with them options of it has of Google, if lose or uninstall the app that has bought, not have that return to pay it. By that, with the same account can have it in different devices mobile if is that update your smartphone or tablet.

Obviously, them options for manageability in a device mobile not you offers them possibilities of a console or a PC, to which can connect controls of games, joysticks or flying for do you it driving something more comfortable, but is enough to pass a good time. Nor the power graphic of a device mobile with them GPUs integrated in them SoCs is the same that the cards graphic of other platforms…

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