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Faraday Future, to their economic problems, reduce the size of its factory

Faraday Future FF91 lateral

We have already spoken here on several occasions about the adventures and misadventures of Faraday Future. Since CES in Las Vegas had never knowing anything about electric car brand, however we have now returned to them. Long ago already warned that the financial situation of the firm was not very good, but their plans following forward as they had expected their managers.

Among them is the construction of a factory in the United States , and this is precisely the hot potato that is causing the headaches of the brand. At first construction managers had paralyzed works due to lack of payment although in a jog of history Faraday got back to work. However, here is where is the key to why have become the machines to build the signature plant.

Faraday Future FF91 frontal

According to the initial plan, Faraday Future was going to build a factory of almost a million square meters, but now seems to be some less. According to Autoblog and several media announced, agreement that would have reached Faraday Future with the constructor being the works would be reducing the size of the plant to about 200,000 square metersmore modest.

With this rethinking of the construction in considerable brand would save money and at the same time the constructor would ensure are that it would charge the agreed amount. In addition, since here us seems a decision more than successful and I will explain why. Lift only a mega factory of that caliber is what can allow certain brands, and knowing that the production volume is constant in time.

Faraday Future does not have yet any model on the market and bet on a high productive capacity only make that brand have to pay fixed costs. If this account of results would be affected seriously implying a greater risk for their future. Currently the firm business plan places its first model, the FF91, by the end of next year; So initially they will not need such productive capacity.

Anyway, If the model was a huge success is always outsource the production to save on fixed and structural costs. We will see to see what happens with the firm.

Source – Autoblog

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