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Ferrari closed the ejercicido 2016 with an increase of the 8.8% respect to 2015

Ferrari 70 aniversario ediciones especiales

Like it or not in the automotive world and super sports brands Ferrari is and will be a unique brand. No (except on rare occasions) is able to replicate the design of their cars, their behavior and dynamic sensations and the gross engine horsepower. All this, in addition, comes seasoned by a history that for itself would want more than one signature with solera.

This tradition is that facilitates that the signature of the Cavallino rampant is can allow the luxury of be where is (although now his site in the Formula 1 is rather in a second flat). All these reasons are what make that Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), its parent company, is to afford the luxury of praise with autonomy and field of action greater than her sisters in the group.

Ferrari GTC4Lusso T

Thanks to its good to do and a management economic impeccable, Ferrari has a situation financial enviable. With the closure of the accounts of 2016 the Italian firm has shown us that your debts are under minimum (only $ 653 million), that their sales are becoming older and gain per unit sold is also greater than in 2015. In addition, and while their last few seasons in Formula 1 are being more discreet, are on the lookout for a well-positioned company in the circus to do business with it.

If started by their sales, during the last year 2016 Ferrari saw how their sales spent of them 7664 units that enrolled in 2015 to the 8.014 units of 2016. This represents a growth of 4.6 percent and your hand becomes the gross operating margin grew 17.65 percent more with 880 million dollars from 2015.

Form global Italian firm gains have located in 2016 at 3,105 million dollars, or what is the same 8.8 percent more than in 2015. If we convert this number to net, we discover that they have passed the 290 million dollars in 2015 to 400 in 2016. This figure may seem low but is more than well for a firm the size of Ferrari.

Finally, it must be said that the company related to the Formula 1 who are thinking to buy is nothing less than Liberty Media. This company, that manages the activities of the Formula 1, could report you huge benefits since the great circus is one of them business more profitable currently inside the world of the automobile.


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