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“Ferrari needs to get involved in the Formula E”, words from Sergio Marchionne

Sergio Marchionne Ferrari

If Sergio Marchionne is characterized by something it is clear things to say. The mobility of the future increasingly closer and will no doubt be closely associated with the electric vehicles. It can that Supercars models resist, time which may, complete electrification of its propulsion, but it is likely some day what none of us want. In any case, the hybridization of Supercars is already present.

The case is that the Formula E, known as Formula 1 in the future, can be an interesting door to the development of future vehicles. Sergio Marchionne, CEO of the company of the “cavallino rampante”, has many intentions that the prestigious Italian firm land in that category. “The challenge is to benefit not only in terms of reducing emissions, but also performance of hybridization,” said charge mark in a recent statement.

DS Performance Formula E

Is not the first time that Marchionne declares his intentions to take Ferrari to this category of single seater electric, but this time the CEO of Ferrari said it forcefully enough and giving various reasons of why Ferrari would be benefited with his participation in the Formula E. “have to be involved in the Formula and because electrification” , via hybridization, will be part of our future“.” “Hybridization is crucial for Ferrari. It cannot be denied that the regulations put us under pressure, but we could achieve these objectives from other forms“.”

When will we see a “cavallino” in the Formula? Hard to know, but for the insistence and confidence of Marchionne in the benefits it can bring them invites us to think that they will not take too much. They say some rumors that an arrival in 2019 would be possible. In any case, and although it might not be something so close, if Marchionne continues in charge of Ferrari, there are high chances that the Italian brand is relatively soon competing with fully electric vehicles.

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