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Fiat 500 Riva, first teaser for the utility that wanted to be a boat

Fiat 500 Riva teaser

The iconic Fiat 500 was born around the year 1957 to become one of the most successful of the brand. At this time in Italy the ‘Dolce Vita’ is lived and it was impossible to not highlight another very different vehicle Aquamara Riva, a speedboat with much distinction. Now, in its 59 anniversary, utility and boat will be joined to create a special edition which will be called Fiat 500 Riva.

Motoring and navigation United to create a small vehicle that combines beauty and elegance. For the time being has only been revealed a teaser that you can not draw conclusions, because a canvas cover to the 500 Riva. He is expected that both outside and inside her specific elements that give it a unique styleare dealt. The quality is also improved thanks to noble materials.

Prueba Fiat 500 TwinAir 105 CV

Fiat 500

What we do get an idea is chosen for its body colour, the blue Evening Blue. This tone has been specially made for this Special Edition and is the same as that looks the Aquariva Super, the heiress of the mythical Aquarama. The interior is one of the parties that win more have see, since the Italian brand has wanted to turn it into a ‘boat in miniature’.

A dash of mahogany and maple wood inserts which provide elegance, various chrome details to highlight your personality and “aquamarine” marking the customization of the vehicle. To know the mechanics chosen for this Fiat 500 Riva you will still have to wait, since the brand has not released garment. The 59 the 500 anniversary of the July 4, but we hope to meet this model before.

Source – Fiat

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