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Fiat sold in Italy several of its models through Amazon

Fiat 500S 2016 vista frontal

Makes three months I informed you of that the giant of the sale on line, Amazon, is got of full in the career of the sale of cars through its platform. The idea initial not is sell cars as such, but advise to them customers for before taking the decision have it greater information possible on the model to choose. In addition, this initiative not only has taken place in the United States, since Seat and your Mii by Mango have also passed through its platform in France.

As if Amazon is gets in them United States and Seat has sold during a short period of time your Mii by Mango in France the following brand of cars that is embarks in this adventure for do it in your country is Fiat. The Italian brand has reported that it has decided to sell in Italy for a time limited to its 500, 500 L and Panda.

Fiat Panda 2017

Gianluca Italy, one of the leaders of the Group Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) in the Italian market reported that Amazon opens a window to a new horizon when choosing a car of its brand. In addition, added that next to them innovate and create a system of sale more clear and transparent for them customers since have with the information required that it marks provide to Amazon.

For customers who wish to acquire your Fiat platform Amazon Italy, signature displays on the web a tab technique complete so they can know the characteristics of your cars to perfection. In addition, as an incentive for sale, Fiat may apply up to a 33 percent discount to cars that are sold on the platform, and may have a cheaper rate than in official dealers of the brand.

A time the customer has decided that model of Fiat acquire may choose in it platform of Amazon between them different options and services that the brand offers for each model and a time configured and confirmed it buy the customer may collect the car in a dealer official of the brand in a term of 15 days after the acquisition.

It is a pity that this commercial action not be carried out also in Spain already that the mark would be boots to sell cars. Fiat not has informed of the time that will be current this promotion in Italy but if has warned of that not will be for ever.


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