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Finally a brand says that the times at the Nurburgring have no importance


In recent years you are creating true “pique” healthy among many brands and its sports products. For decades are many manufacturers who used the old Nürburgring to configure their vehicles, since this track together, fast and slow, linked, bends areas fast and slow zones, camber, turns in grades and a number of conditions that we could find on a road.

Case is that it is has become the vehicle configuration help search to be the fastest in its class in the old German line. From Supercars to compact sport, many vehicles are sold or they seek to capture the customer for their times at the Nurburgring. Is it really logical to opt for a car or another because their time on a track is two seven seconds or less? En Porsche seem to have it well clear: spend autumn.

In a statement to our colleagues from AutoGuide, director of development of products GT Porsche, Andreas Preuninger, has made clear that you don’t have faster on the path of German rivals. He basically said that there are many people who do not look the time per lap on a track, focusing more on the search of sensations. “I don’t mind that the competition is a little faster in the Ring“. He added that “If you have a car with perfect for Nürburgring, configuration will be a dog in the street and everywhere“.

Porsche sorprende con el 911 GT3

A supercar should be a powerful car on track, but not only enun as “twisted” as the Nürburgring circuit. Few circuits in the world are like the Nürburgring in the sense be bumpy, having multiple gradients in braking or supports, in addition to having a little smoothing asphalt. In addition, the Supercars today must also be comfortable cars and usable for a trip, even more so in Porsche.

These statements have made us think also in other data that sometimes are given too much importance as, for example, the time from 0 to 100 km/h. Do we decantaríamos us for a car or another because a vehicle is a couple of tenths faster in covering this acceleration? It is possible that the faster in the 0 to 100 is slower in covering the 20 to 100 km/h or 80 to 120 recovery.

But that like us chop sound marks for trying to outperform the competition in data that never cease to be a fact, a curiosity; but the truth is that they do not reflect that a car is better or worse, faster or slower, sportier or more appliance.

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