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First teaser for the Hyundai Kona, the new B-SUV from Hyundai

Teaser del Hyundai Kona

Hyundai was one of the first manufacturers to jump into the SUV market when he saw that this segment could give good results. The Hyundai Santa Fe was its first SUV and not did nothing wrong with, later extending its offer all way with other models. At this moment the SUV range is composed of Grand Hyundai Santa Fe and Santa Fe, as well as the Tucson.

The competition is launching products for a B-SUV segment which shows have much potential, but who is to say Renault capture models, Nissan Juke or Peugeot 2008, to cite just a few examples. Hyundai is quite clear and soon will have its own model to fight in this segment of urban SUV. Will do so with a new model called Hyundai Kona, which, so far, we have only this first teaser recently released by the South Korean firm.

Few details and information can be drawn in this first teaser of Hyundai Kona. It only lets us see an optical lead which, by the way, design fine reminds us of lighting used in the latest models of Citroen, although in this case the edges are more sharp. Very different from the lighting used by Hyundai in their latest releases. We can not extract much more information from the image provided by the South Korean brand.

Although there is no official data, it is expected that the new Hyundai Kona use based on the Hyundai i20, although with some variations. Probably Asian not equip with integral traction to this new model, the firm already that the Hyundai i20 nor the i30 offers all-wheel-drive versions and the development would raise its price. In addition, does not have too much logic provide integral traction to a city car. The Hyundai Kona, receiving the name of an area of Hawaii, predictably reach the market by 2018, although his official presentation should not take too.

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