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First teasers of the Kia Picanto which will meet at the beginning of year

Teaser Kia Picanto 2017

KIA not only displayed in short weeks the Kia GT which is both promoting by different teasers. Another model to the South Korean company launched earlier this year will be much more sold and has been with us for several years. We refer to the Kia Picanto, which today has been see through images teasers that accompany us in this article.

It will be the third generation of the urban, and promises a design much more care than in its predecessors. There isn’t an exact date for its official launch, but it would not be surprising to take advantage of the first great motor show of the year to reveal it, the Detroit show, but just hope something more to make him known. Either way, the Kia Picanto is a very important model for the signature, so it is expected a very full and careful product.

Teaser Kia Picanto 2017

These images teasers let us see an exterior that has many similarities with his older brother, the Kia Rio, on the front. Can see the better-known Grill “Tiger Nose” feature of the majority of vehicles of the brand, as well as a part low of the front very aggressive. Also in the front are its headlights, with lighting’s LED and very studied design in this teaser. To call more our attention and win in presence sports includes several decorations in color red on its four sides.

KIA seems to want to suggest us a Variant sports with them cited decorations color red and them aggressive forms of them bumper. The rims, in design of 8 spokes double, are of profile low. In the part back can see a marked diffuser and some pilots, with lighting LED, that saved much similarity with those of the current Kia Picanto.

Teaser Kia Picanto 2017

Also have shown a teaser of the cockpit, with a design clean and minimalist, in which the majority of functions of the vehicle is focus in the screen upper that appears in it area central of the dashboard. The steering wheel is practically identical to the used in the rest of models of Kia, while its lever of changes us confirms that there will be variants automatic.

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KIA Picanto

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