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Floyd Mayweather will take the first Kode57

Kode57 Ken Okuyama

The Kode57 is one of those cars that most mortals can see in images. Limited to 5 units, this model has been designed by Ken Okuyama, Yes, the same designer of the spectacular Ferrari Enzo or the elegant Maserati Quattroporte. Its appearance is all an exercise of design that called the attention from any corner, also has a system of opening of doors out of it common. As well, the first unit of the Kode57 is sold, and will go directly to the garage of the famous Boxer Floyd Mayweather.

Floyd Mayweather is world famous both inside the ring and out. And it is that the overwhelming personality of the Boxer has made him earn a million followers. Social networks are one of their main windows where it publishes all its assets. Between such House, clothes and cash, very occasionally slip cars of high-end, finding in his garage from Bugatti Veyron, passing by some Ferrari, Rolls-Royce, and within little, a Kode57.

Kode57 Ken Okuyama

The Kode57 will be one of the most precious jewels possess, because production is only limited to five units. Each one cost a whopping 2.5 million euros, although apparently seen for Floyd Mayweather money is not a problem. As reported by Obi Okeke, who is in charge of satisfying the wishes of the Boxer in terms of cars, the first Kode57 is reserved for Floyd because he has already paid the entry. When you finish this first unit production it will be delivered to it.

To get one idea from before that type of car are, the Kode57 mounted a V12 engine of 6.0 liters with 620 HP and 607 Nm of torque. The box of changes choice is semi-automatic of six relations, responsible of governing all the power of the sports.

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