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Ford bet more on their SUV and pickup models

Ford Ranger Wildtrack

The footballer Mark Fields, maximum responsible of Ford, has spoken of the plans of the company. Although, the brand plans to focus is more in them models SUV and pick-up of the range and orient is less in them models compact and utilitarian. This news comes shortly after we know that the brand wants to move manufacturing their models of smaller overseas, to Mexico, a move that seems to make sense after learning this news.

Donald Trump, the controversial politician, has opposed firmly on several occasions this movement of the American company, although at the moment the idea still stands. Ford will manufacture its range compact and utility in Mexico. This will help in the country’s bars and stars signature can focus more on its offer of SUV and pickup, a market in which today is reaping great results.

Ford Ranger 2015

He study of the brand is clear, them new segments that today earn each time more adepts are them of them SUV and them pick-up, then not there is another remedy that focus is in them. The market of the utility and the Compact not is at its best time. And is that the market American, as the of any country, has some conditions changed. A situation that has to adapt the American brand.

“We will focus on some of the segments towards those who are migrating customers now, either SUV or pickup,” said the own Mark Fields the companions Automotivenews. The plant in Michigan, which currently manufactures smaller models of the brand, will remain empty in 2018. Although many say that not will be so, and that will assume the production of the Ford Ranger among others.

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