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Ford engine goes for its second generation of autonomous cars

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Autonomous driving is slowly gaining ground in the departments of research and innovation of the car brands. Today many are those who are working, or want to, develop its own autonomous driving technology. Others, as FCA u Honda, put in hands of companies experienced the development of their future cars without driver.

One of the brands that more advanced work is Ford Motor since Company which already has successfully completed the first phase of tests of its autonomous cars and now goes for the second stage. It must be said, that Ford also has collaborated with BlackBerry and Uber through the cession of several units of its Fusion (our Mondeo) to develop its technology. However, to difference of other brands them engineers of Ford are who are investigating and developing the technology of the brand.

In the video we have on top, published by the firm of the blue oval, we can see how the manufacturing process of the Ford Fusion is equipped with autonomous technology of second generation. These vehicles incorporate the last technology developed by the brand but this time instead of seem an added in the car of bad taste, is integrated of a form more elegant and discrete.

In the images we can see how transformed completely several units of the Fusion of street to adapt the set of sensors and cameras (LIDAR) that mounts the autonomous car. In addition, we can see in detail how placed the different elements that make this car to work without a driver. With all the American firm expects that its first autonomous cars may be circulating through the streets of half the world between the years 2020 and 2021.

There will be that see if are capable of fulfill its promise.

Source – Ford Motor Company

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