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Ford GT ‘ 66 Heritage Edition, tribute to the drive that ended with Ferrari at Le Mans

In 1966 Ford starred in one of the images that are remembered most of the best-known world motor racing, 24 hours of Le Mansendurance race: the simultaneous entry into goal of three cars which competed, achieving a triple podium.

In recent years Ferrari was the rival to beat. In fact, Ford already had two years trying to get above the of the “cavallino”. The third was lucky and the Ford GT 40 dominated the test with a clear advantage with its three cars topping the list of competitors. With the two first cars rolling close, Ford did not want to enter into a civil war and is decided to lower the rate and both models to enter at the same time by the finish line.

The third model, that was lost returns, stood just behind the first two and was so as they ended the race. Enter at the same time, the Organization had to give a car as a winner and they took into account the starting position, giving the car more meters victory he had traveled in those 24 hours. Therefore, was as the winner Bruce McLaren and Chris Amon vehicle. An image that to this day is still one of the most curious of the history of the legendary French race. Then the oval brand continued getting victories at the annual meeting.


Now, in 2016, fifty years of that and Ford wants to remind us with a tribute special editing mode for the current Ford GT, an edition which is called a Ford GT ‘ 66 Heritage Edition are met.

His body, with a carbon fiber package, shows a black finish, to choose between glossy and matte, two longitudinal lines that run through the American vehicle, rims 20 inch golden with black nuts and number 2 on the hood and sides, reminding us that the 1966 race won it his car with the number 2.

In the cockpit, the structure of the seats has been made in carbon fiber, although the upholstery is leather. There are embroideries doing homage to the model, high quality leather upholstery, insertions of gold in the instrument panel or the seat belts in blue color.

Ford says the number of units of this edition will be limited, although it has not acted on a specific number or not on its price.


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