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Ford is developing its first SUV electric for 2020

Ford Kuga Vignale

The global automotive industry is turning towards models that are driven by more and more clean energy. The hybrids, electric cars and fuel cell are the future and brands are already working so when customers ask for them they can be sold. Ford Motor Company, announced a month ago that it will carry out an investment of some 700 million dollars to hybridize and electrify its range.

The idea that the American manufacturer has is to launch in the year 2020 a hybrid variant of the Mustang, F150 and tranSIS, however in the signature are kept an ACE up his sleeve. According to is has leaked, in the House of the oval blue also would be developing a SUV of size medium fully electric. Of be this true, Ford would be an of the first marks generalists in have a vehicle of these characteristics in the market.

Ford EcoSport 2018

The idea is pretty good since commercial SUV flip and all roads / land is very high and if they have a green option still could improve its positioning in the market. The reason is that according to a study by the firm customers would see favorably an SUV electric, since to be a largest and heaviest car it pollutes more and if it is driven by a Zero emissions block would be better appreciated for its subsequent purchase.

This is not unreasonable, since according to firm the new generations feel increasingly more attracted by the ecology and respect for the environment. Also, in Ford not only them would offer a motor electric, since the SUV would come loaded with all a string of elements technological that them embelesara which “Pied Piper of Hamelin”. Of this way will ensure some good sales and the support of a public demanding and little interested in have a car as medium of transport.

Finally we mention the only mechanical information we have. According to has transcended the motor electric of this SUV would be with a autonomy between refills of each 480 kilometers. It seems an acceptable amount, although from here to get it could increase by several kilometers more.

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