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Ford Motor announces a package of investments worth 1,200 million $

Ford F-150 MVP Edition

To grow in any sector of the economy we must invest much money before. Saying is that who risks not not wins and why Ford Motor is still working to improve their models. The best way to do so is investing large sums of money, without “vil metal” it is impossible to bring to completion the projects that are in the minds of the developers of the product.

The company was founded by Henry Ford is finalizing the development of the next generation of the Focus, is about to start marketing the new Fiesta and between, continue with their plans to grow in the United States based on improved and new SUV. Therefore, the Detroit company announced that they will be a package of investments valued at around 1,200 million dollars.

This money will be earmarked for three cornerstones of your business. The first pillar is to improve the factory that have in Michigan, and which leave the Ford Ranger and Bronco. The second pillar is to improve the plant for the manufacture of engines that caters to Michigan factory. Finally, invest in new technologies and mobility services.

Ford Fiesta ST

According to Ford Motor managers, with these investments are looking for “strengthen its leadership in the field of sport utility vehicles and pickup trucks, as well as developing growth of the House in the field of mobility”. This package of investments comes in response to the needs of American consumers, as increasingly demand more SUV´s and all land and therefore not can neglect this valuable segment.

Some critics say that these investments from Ford Motor Company in the United States they are not justified by changes in the market. As they argue, the House of the blue oval is trying to placate the country’s new President. We must remember that Donald Trump was very critical with the mark and because of the pressures of this, were forced to withdraw a multimillion-dollar investment in Mexico.

Finally you will remember a story that we did already public in some time ago. Between all this maelstrom of investment, Ford Motor is still remembering Europe and the $ 600 million already committed for the manufacture of the party are still on the table. Saarlouis, in Germany, will receive this injection of money to adapt their production lines to manufacture of the new generation of the party.

It will have to cross your fingers for that brand to remember Spain and plant in Almussafes.

Source – Ford Motor Company

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