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Ford Motor withdraw an investment of 1,600 million dollars from Mexico

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The President-elect of the United States, Donald Trump, has faced during his campaign to one of the leading companies in the country. Ford Motor Company has been accused from Trump’s little Patriot by having several of its factories in Mexico. It has also been increpada on several occasions with threats of tariffs which will have to pay if they want to market cars that manufacture in the Aztec country in the land of Uncle Sam.

The signing of the blue oval throughout this time You have faced accusations of the future President in the best possible way. On several occasions reported that their plans in Mexico would not change although Trump continue insisting on the future tax burden or many other insults to present. However seems that, as says the said “where said say, say Diego” and the management of the multinational American have cast for back an investment already committed with Mexico of 1,600 million of dollars.

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According to has informed Ford Motor, the new factory that was to build in San Luis Potosí (Mexico) already not is will take to Cape and therefore cancel the investment intended to she. Also has communicated that part of them 1,600 million of dollars that not allocated in the country Aztec (700 million of dollars) will be reconducidos to improve and expand the factory that has in Flat Rock (Michigan).

After do is public this news the President of Ford, Mark Fields, has communicated that this decision not is has taken as result of the pressures suffered from the future team of Government of Trump. Rather is has performed as a vote of confidence to the work that can play the Executive of Trump in the future. On the other side are the authorities of San Luis Potosí since they have communicated that they will ask the multinational that it replace the capital Corporation has been able to advance in a matter of improving infrastructure and suitability for the construction of the plant.

While all this is has produced, Ford to returned to communicate and confirm that their plans in Mexico continue as were until now. Say that the cancellation of this plant productive not alter the rest of commitments that already had with the country and that is studying how continue working and increasing their investments in the country.

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