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Ford wants their old cars to have access to the internet

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Internet came to the world to revolutionize our lives and has got it right. Them new generations do not know live without be connected to their networks social and if is are without connection to them can suffer by believe that is are isolated of the society. So important has become internet at this time, that young people do not feel less interest in acquiring a vehicle if it does not have a system of powerful entertainment info.

The car brands are aware of this situation and obviously don’t want to let their older cars fall out of this technological wave. Ford is one of the manufacturers that is working to have in their new cars info entertainment systems. However it does not leave out its oldest cars and to this end has developed the SmartLink system, with which your drivers may be surfing the internet while they are driving.

Ford Mercury Fusion

To run SmartLink must be installed in the port OBD II vehicles of the brand, thanks to the passengers can count on access to the internet (via Wi-Fi for up to eight devices). Its operation is very simple since it has a module consisting of a SIM card that connects to the internet via 4 G LTE connection.

With this system the driver can start remote car through your smartphone, locate the vehicle in case that was stolen or even know the mechanical State of the same. Using this system we could impose restrictions of use to the vehicle (for example, if we give it to a friend or our children) as well as ask for appointments in the workshop to perform maintenance on the car.

The system has been developed between Ford, Verizon telematics and Delphi Automotive and vehicles Ford (Lincoln) who can mount this system are those made between 2010 and 2016. Its price has not yet been communicated, but it should not be too high to make that his popularity is high.

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