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Ford will hire people with autism to participate in their projects

Ford Almussafes

In life all people should have equal opportunities to employment and personal. However depending on the sector that we are talking about, there are certain types of people who are completely invisible. People who have a disability (disabled no, please) normally are forgotten and normally cannot access the labour market by many and varied circumstances.

The automotive industry is not alien to this casuistry, however there are always those who think the inclusion of these groups. Ford Motor Company has announced that it will begin a pilot program with the Alliance against the Autism of the United States. With this program, they want that people who have this disability can enter the labour market and participate in projects that Ford has in this country.

Ford Almussafes

This opportunity is very important for both Ford and the people affected by this disease. Together they can unite their skills and improve their work processes and at the same time working in the multinational oval allows them to acquire work experience. Thus the American company reinforces commitment to the society and gives a little of what this brings.

The pilot program begins with the creation of five new jobs in the area of product development that is where more comfortable will be to develop their skills. As the project go forward Ford will evaluate the competences of participants and if they have the potential necessary they will form part of the company through the standard recruitment process.

According to Felicia Fields, Vice President of human resources and corporate services, Ford, people with autism provide company capabilities and unique and differentiating qualities that become very important when it comes to doing a good job.

From here we applaud these words by which means to persons with disabilities in the United States and around the world. Now we hope that other brands would come together and instead of five jobs are created many thousands more. Congratulations Ford.

Source – Ford Motor Company

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