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Fourth video teaser of the GT Kia, showing details

Teaser Kia GT

In recent weeks Kia has left small samples of certain parts of its next model, the Kia GT. Already know that will be a saloon sports that, without get to be extreme, will offer a performance mechanical enough above it usual in the mark South Korean, where it only shows of sportsmanship current appears in the Kia pro_cee’ of GT. The new Kia GT will be presented of how official the next Sunday day 8 of January.

In the earlier teasers that brand of South Korea had been published in the form of teaser we could briefly see some samples of its dynamic circuit of Nürburgring at speeds over 240 km/h, its acceleration from standing capacity up to 100 km/h and the lines of the exterior design as well as its silhouette forms. In this fourth teaser the Kia GT lets see a good number of elements and details.

Among other things, we can clearly see parts of the car as the pilots and lighthouses, front Grill, tickets air side, the practicable sunroof, spoiler integrated into the lid of the luggage compartment and center console design that seems to be finished in carbon, which appears the lever to manage automatic transmission. Also we leave see the system of exhaust with outputs double and chrome, besides the footballer propeller.

Kia has earned a place among the generalist brands in Europe; Some brands to which, by the way, already has very little that envy, by not say absolutely nothing. The concept of saloon sports has been very used and exploited by various brands, being that more profitability have retrieved the German BMW, Audi and Mercedes. KIA not will create a vehicle so dynamic as them of these signatures German, but will achieve teach to the world that also is capable of make vehicles as practical as sports, what will improve their image of brand.

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