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Fuel will rise exponentially in price in Mexico on 1 January

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Still I remember as if it were yesterday the face of silly that was me, when I was living in Mexico, to see my friend Karina fill fuel tank with its imposing Honda Crosstour. To fill this car about 70 liters of fuel are needed, and at that time he filled it up top for less than 50 euros. Not remember exactly as was the price of the gallon of gasoline, but if what I said it, and is that “still had State much more economic”.

If cast accounts to it gross, have that the liter of gasoline you left by some 71 cents of €uro or what is it same, ones 11 pesos Mexican (to the change of that time). If we compare with the prices, in Spain we are paying for this same fuel a 50 cents of euro more than there. It must also be said that Mexico is one of the producers of crude oil and therefore the lowest prices they can afford, but this will change next January 1.

Combustible México

As they have informed various means the Secretariat of finance and public credit (SHCP) will increase the price of fuel next year ‘s average about 14 percent. The problem of this rise is that it is not the first ascent of Mexicans suffering from and which seems to have no end in the short term. According to SHCP, this measure has been taken to compensate for the rise of prices of fuels worldwide.

In addition the Agency also said that this rise will only affect the wealthiest drivers, however this is not real, since the cars of Mexico is not only composed of expensive cars and rich people, there are many humble people they need the car to work and live and will also pay the price increase.

With this rise in prices, call Mexicans “gasolinazo” Magna gasoline will increase its price by 14.2 percent and a 20.1 per cent Premium. We have that with one blow the Magna gasoline price will be 15,99 pesos and the premium of 17,79 pesos. If we enter into the diesel (fuel devoted to industrial and bus) the increase will be of 16.5 per cent resulting in a 17.05 pesos more per litre ened.

If we compare the future prices that I knew we can see its increase has been much greater than which you have announced the authorities of the country and therefore goes to the detriment of the Mexican economy. Moreover, if to all this we add the devaluation that has suffered the peso with the victory of Trump in United States elections and the low salaries that exist, we have to Mexican drivers were impoverished even more.

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